Which is the Best Watch for Running?

While a pair of the best running shoes is still the undisputed king of running equipment, modern technology has introduced a number of devices that runners have considered to be beneficial for particular goals.  But, as with shoes, there is not one timepiece that can be considered the best watch for running.  What is best for one runner can be different for another, especially if the goals of one runner are different from the other, which means personal preferences still come into play when choosing a runner watch.  After all, there are different kinds of runners, from long-distance runners who want to make sure they have the endurance, sprint runners who want to improve on speed, and fitness runners who want to make sure running is an aerobic exercise that would have good results on their health.

But that doesn’t mean that there are no watches that separate themselves from the pack by having the most number of beneficial features that generally cater to most types of runners.  But then, with the advance in technology even affecting timepieces, one can note that looking for the best watch for running has become more complicated than, say, five, or even just a couple of years ago.  Generally though, the features that a runner needs, no matter what their goals are:

A clear screen that can be read at arm’s length. This is essential especially for those who feel the need for speed and would not want to waste even precious milliseconds to stop and look closer at what their watches are indicating.

A huge amount of memory storage to save information on number of laps and times.

A timer that has both a traditional count up time and a countdown, both that can track intervals.

Apart from that, all other features are fair game and would depend on the runner’s personal preferences.  For those who want to have their location and distances noted, they should check out GPS sports watch reviews, while those who are very conscious of their fitness level better look out for watches that have heart rate monitors.


Selecting the Best Watch for Runners

Running has become a very popular fitness activity for a lot of people over the past few years.  For one, it allows people to appreciate the outdoors.  The activity also lets them clear their minds as they solitarily find their stride, away from a lot of people, unlike team sports. Also, running does not involve any expensive equipment, except a dependable pair of running shoes. But then, for those who want to take running to the next level and really get serious with it, they should check out how a watch for runners can benefit them.

It is most likely that people reading this are not really all that familiar with what a watch for runners can do to a fitness buff who has just taken up running.  But then, there may also be some readers who have a runner’s watch already and would like to upgrade their basic model to a more advanced device.  Thus, they would like to know what the best watch for running is.

The good news is, somebody looking for a watch for runners would not have difficulty looking for one, as the choices are far from scarce, considering how much growth there is in the market for sport watches. But then, most beginners may lean towards models that look sleek and flashy, although they may not really be the best watch for running.  For design, it would be better for the runner to choose a watch that has a rugged design.  While it is true that running is not really a rough and tumble activity, running is still physical, which means something that has a sleek and dainty design may look out of place.  Of course, the watch has to withstand the elements, especially sweat, rain, and anything liquid that the runner may splash onto himself or herself in long-distance runs.  Thus, water resistance and durability should be present in the watches the runner is considering.  For the more advanced runners, heart monitors and GPS devices would of course be beneficial.